Don't Let a Disagreement Become a Feud

Resolving estate litigation disputes in Lynnwood and Bothell, WA

When a loved one passes away, the family comes together to grieve. But this time can also create conflict, especially if a parent's final wishes regarding their estate aren't clear. Far too often, siblings and other family members disagree on who is meant to inherit the deceased's property, leading to estate litigation disputes and long-lasting resentment.

Don't endanger family ties by stressing about estate litigation disputes. Call a diplomatic civil attorney in Lynnwood or Bothell, Washington today.

Common questions about estate litigation

Common questions about estate litigation

In addition to love and compassion, regret and blame also surround many deaths. These feelings often show up in disagreements over property distribution. During estate litigation disputes, troubling questions arise, such as...

  • Did the probate court act in accordance with the deceased's wishes?
  • Was the deceased in a sound state of mind when they made their will?
  • Is someone else legally entitled to the property in question?

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