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I represent business owners when they have a dispute that needs to be resolved quickly, fairly, and with a minimum of expense and hassle. Let me focus on solving your problem, while you keep running your business. As an experienced litigation and trial attorney, it’s my job to advocate for your best interests and to work towards your specific goals. I welcome the intellectual and strategic challenges posed by complex disputes, and I am highly skilled in legal research, persuasive writing, and oral argument.

Whether you are based in Seattle, the greater Puget Sound region, or anywhere in the world, if you have a dispute in Washington State I am ready to help. Contact my office today to schedule a free consultation.


“I pride myself on being an attentive listener. I take in your story and prepare a seamless argument to help you achieve your goals.”

Stephen Kennedy

3 Ways to Resolve a Contract Dispute

If you are in the midst of a contract dispute in Seattle or elsewhere in the state of Washington, you need an experienced attorney at your side. There are many ways to resolve a contract dispute. Here are the three most common methods:

Traditional Litigation

In litigation, each side presents their side of the dispute to a jury or judge, in court, with the assistance of their attorney. The jury or judge will then make a decision on your case. Occasionally, the party who is disappointed with that decision may decide to file an appeal with a higher court. Litigation is often necessary with complex, high-stakes disputes.


Many contracts have terms that require the parties to resolve disputes through arbitration, rather than litigation in court. Arbitration is similar to litigation but less formal and usually less expensive and time-consuming.

Each side presents their case to a neutral arbitrator (such as an experienced lawyer, or retired judge), who then makes a decision based on the evidence. Unlike litigation, there are limited options for an appeal of an adverse decision.


With mediation, both sides and their attorneys meet informally with an experienced neutral third party who tries to help the parties to reach a compromise settlement, instead of going through a court trial or arbitration. The mediator does not make a ruling on your case; instead, he or she tries to help both sides come together to compromise. If no settlement is agreed to, the parties may still go ahead with litigation or arbitration.

To make sure your case is taken care of correctly, contact my office today to schedule a consultation. We will look over your case and discuss which path is best. We proudly serve those in Seattle, Lynnwood, Everett, and Tacoma.

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Contract Disputes

If you're facing a breach of contract or another kind of contract dispute, I will represent you and fight for your best interests from the start of the process to the end.

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Your business may have suffered financially because of the negligent or malicious act or omission of another. I'll strive to help you recover damages by filing a tort claim.

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Real Estate Disputes

Don't let a dispute regarding your real estate transaction take control of your business's finances. Contact my office for thorough and strategic legal representation.

Your Resource for Problem-Solving

As a Harvard Law School graduate with over 30 years’ experience handling business disputes, civil litigation, trial, and appeals, I will be a valuable resource to help you bring closure to your problem.

I will carefully explore the facts related to your specific issue and advise you regarding your available claims or defenses under the law. I will let you know what to expect, in or out of court, and I will keep you informed every step of the way. And I will listen.

I also believe that, while your dispute may be a serious and troubling thing, a keen sense of humor and a good sense of perspective can go a long way. In my 30+ years, I’ve seen just about everything.

At the end of the day, I've had experience with civil litigation, contract disputes, and appellate matters that can serve as an excellent resource for you as you tackle your legal challenges. Whether you live in Tacoma, Lynnwood, or Everett, Washington, get in touch today to schedule a free consultation!